What Would Life Be Like Without The Internet?
A very interesting issue in this day and age when the Internet plays a major role of every day life, business and society! So what are the implications of a world without internet? We should first ask the question in a more specific context. What would it be like without Internet even if the plug was pulled this moment? We'll consider the issue from this angle rather than thinking about what the world would be like without the Internet were it not invented. The life without Internet - Pulling the Plug on the Internet. What exactly happens when the Internet Plug could ever get pulled is a complicated issue due to the vast infrastructure that is the Internet. It is likely to need the closing down of every server and local DNS all over the world. Many have talked about a major virus infection spreading throughout all servers and computers, rendering them / the Internet to be in a state of paralysis. Another wild theory where by the massive wind produced by solar flares can disrupt everything that carries current, from wires used for telegraph, all things metallic, computers, servers as well as other servers. You can read about this theory if you Google "Carrington Event of 1959" This theory is said to be forecast by Nasa. Life without Internet Personal Users What would the absence of Internet impact the average personal user? Apart from the fact that every teenager is screaming that they can't connect to Facebook and Twitter, it all comes down to how much individuals use the Internet and for what. Some of us hardly use the Internet, where some people are living their lives around it! There are those who live a completely New life on the Internet like the people who use Second Life. I asked a handful of people what their initial thoughts were about not having the Internet and here's what they had to say: "So many people use the Internet that if whoever banned it from the world everyone would complain that much and so many people would sue them that they would be forced to put it back on to regain all their money, or everyone should just move to the planet mars." Charlotte - 16 "Well, people would have to start talking to each other more, like they used to, and the whole morning chat at the post office will return. Kids would have to used the library to find stuff out instead of using Google, which will get them out of the house and learning to do things for themselves. People will receive letters instead of emails. " Melanie - 28 "It would affect me greatly in work because of our regional offices that relay information, policies and procedures to one another quickly. Personally I don't have the time to go out as much as I'd like to and without the Internet I'd loose valuable socialising networks and access to friends and family far away. " Debbie - 45 "Boring life! We would not be able to shop online, which helps a lot of people like me who find it hard to get around" Sylvia 60+ Socialising How can our youngsters socialise with out the Internet? We all use the Internet to connect, particularly those who are in lower age brackets above 10 years. From chat forums to email or social networks, dating sites and even virtual worlds, our needs for the Internet for social communications and networking are immense. Therefore, it's not hard to predict that a world without internet would make people go back to their roots and connect and socialise at a basic level. My worry with this though, specifically within the lower age brackets is will the people who've grown up with the Internet around them , be competent enough to engage with social activities on a grass roots level and understand how to socialise? Will this improve the communication abilities and skills as a result of studies about how Internet slang has merged into the language we use? Do we have the ability to meet strangers outside of our immediate area be severed and thus affecting who we meet, socialise , and interact with , and most importantly who we spend our time with? How did you meet your spouse? Did the Internet an integral part of the process? For more detail please visit:- smallpay.ch https://www.createbusinessgrowth.com/ https://wiselivingjournal.com/ https://www.rabidgeek.net/ https://www.xfoksite.net/ https://www.sheprobablytravels.com/ Display Stands for Retail Living without Internet - Communication The Internet to communicate more than ever, and it's now a part of any standard means of communication. If we didn't have the Internet our means of communication will need to evolve. I'm sure we won't be sending emails, although letters could fulfil the hole e-mails left and telephones would fill the gaps that instant messaging, chat and social media have created. A rise in the number of mail delivered and phone calls will certainly help our local postal service as well as the telephone network providers but the best thing about the Internet was the fact that communication was totally free! It's not a stretch to imagine that we'd pull open the pen and paper begin licking stamps, and calling all the people we know. We'll probably stick to the basics, remain unaffected and simply "talk" to our people we know and love. Life Speed not Broadband Speed! The Slow Down It's a simple observation that the Internet brought speed to the life of the world and our lives. We had faster communication and could buy and sell faster, and we could find information quicker. Therefore, with the problem of not having Internet it's only natural for that the pace of life would slow, both in terms of society, business as well as in communications. To deal with this massive decrease in processing speed would cause a ripple effect throughout the social and business worlds to a point we'd wonder how we could have survived without it. Life without the Internet The effects on business Nearly all businesses have some connection with the Internet whether it's a simple web-based store. What impact would it have upon businesses across the world by the end of the Internet? It could be that the world would experience a recession that would see stock markets collapse millions of businesses would go bust and millions of employees lose their jobs? The effect on companies that utilize the Internet will be huge and the make or break element would be if they were able to live without internet? But there may be some advantages amongst this devastation; as consumers, we'd most likely begin purchasing locally, thereby enriching our local towns and shops. We'd seek out local services and support regional economies through trading inside our local area. The elimination of jobs that are related to Internet Business is difficult to accept. Jobs at the local super market working the tills would soon be in demand as well as several other positions that don't directly relate to the Internet. What businesses could survive? A lot of older companies embraced the Internet and didn't solely found their existence around it, so we'd find several companies still able to trade. They simply utilized the Internet as an advertising medium or extra virtual shop. As long as they had variety and a large customer base, they could adjust in any way necessary to maintain their business. Access to Information & Resources cut We're all aware that Internet is a massive resource directory, full of valuable and irrelevant information, and all conveniently at our finger tips. So without it where would we learn about the chemical compound of silver or the world's fastest time for eating after eights? Books! Quite simply, we'd resort back to the old school method of borrowing books from libraries. It's certainly going to be difficult finding the exact information the Internet can offer in your local library . But in the end, if you look at it this way the Internet was basically taking the idea of a library, and extended it by about 1 million times!. The life without Internet The conclusion Before all else, it is important to keep in mind that we didn't get to where we are today without the Internet. Internet Internet has been a major technological innovation that excelled us in the twenty-first century and transformed how we socialised and conducted business, as well as purchasing goods. It paved the way to the future, and has numerous exciting advances ahead of it's self. The loss of the Internet is likely to be very likely, but whichever way, I'm certain that we humans would adapt and persevere as we have done for thousands of years. For those who grew up with the Internet already established around them can't even comprehend life without it. There are a lot of us who lived before the internet was invented and had a time without the Internet.

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