Is the New Google News Only a High-Tech Echo Chamber Now?
The moment Google News first appeared online, the aim at Google was to capitalize on the lucrative breakfast newspaper habits that millions people across the country relied on to start their day. In the majority of cases, Google News did succeed in drawing people away from the physical newspaper to look through its comprehensive listings every morning. When the news broke that Google had revamped the entire service, there were a lot of anxious users trying to determine how much their tried and tested Google News changed. According to most reports, the change has been a change for the better; they have changed large areas of the service however, essential aspects within that Google News experience have been unaffected. The new and improved Google News continues to display the most recent stories on the middle of the screen. However, the right-hand side is used to fill up with a listing of the most significant world events . It's which is what Google now calls its Spotlight The space also lists a lot of local news as well. The old Google News had twin columns of news stories that were arranged by category along its main webpage, this new layout features only one. Ostensibly, it was designed with the intention of making things less cluttered and in appearance, but the impact overall is merely one of added complexity. Let's look at the best parts of all the changes made to Google News. INTERIOR DESIGN Asian Model Cams cheap sex cams cheap sex cams cam soda One of the first things you'll will notice about Google News now is that it's very easy to customize it. The new regular News for You service will provide you with a customized local news as well as socially edited reading materials. The news sites that you most frequently read, are pushed into the top of the page as well. News sources that you find regularly to be the most appealing is typically placed higher than the majority of content there is. They've also added the function of sharing with others. Every article which have an underlying theme are combined to highlight links to new sources of news related to the topic. Of course, being able to customize your news sources to ensure you only receive information that pleases you isn't the main reasons that people believe reading so important. To have numerous filters in place to keep the world for you guarantees that you are only able to hear news that you can agree with. The less you're exposed to views that challenge your own, the less informed you are, coming away from the experience. However, as you ensure that Google News doesn't go on to become your primary source of knowledge of the world, but instead is used to augment it These changes could be effective.

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